Ok well posting something here at school while doing a stupid project. fuck
Ok well not much updating been going on now that im back in school. Im learning c++ programming and were going at a slow rate and I just dont have much time any more to update but I will keep trying to do what I can. Also I would like to know if anyone elese would like to be an admin? Get back to me. Bye
Ok Well My friend helped me add 10 new software programs so I must give out a shout and thanks for that. So go check them out. We should have even more soon so check back. Well thats it for today.
Ok well I added Adios Chat V5.1 which is A very good booter made by Neo2Remember. It has a 10,000 bot login and many options for booting,lagging, Java, Ect. so its a must download. I also would like to ask for more people to post visits and to email me and stuff. Also I need some votes so If you have the time Please vote for me, its fast and simple. Well im out for now. DJ RAZIEL
I was going through profiles on yahoo of people in my hometown thought a few were interesting check em out http://profiles.yahoo.com/houma_escort4u http://profiles.yahoo.com/big_ass_cute_face_small_waist http://profiles.yahoo.com/tweetybird1202004 our hookers do business over the net. later -=osiris=-
Ok well I added another booter, A cracker, and Soul Seek 152 in the new software section so check them out, also I would like for visitors to post in the tagger and in the forums, I will try to get some more ids up soon so check back. .:dj_raziel_127:.
Hey will nothing new here, Im adding a few new things like mp3s and 2 more booters, Im still waiting for some of the very good booters to come out (cant wait intell I start learning programming next school year) when I do I will have some out myself. .:dj_raziel_127:.
Hey well I got out of summer school today and I added 2 booters too. Thats about it for me. .:dj_raziel_127:.
Added yahelite under tools. -=osiris=-
Well I have not updated latly so I thought I would do a quick post, Lets see, well I have summer school but it ends thursday, Yahoo keeps patching everything but we will have working booters up soon.
I have been geting some good feedback on the site, also I have my forum up so go post some comments or questions there too. Also all the id's for sale are really free for now so email me if you want one.
Well I have A new member to the staff, everyone welcome b0071ng_f4n745y, also I just added 3 booters and 3 tools and I will be updating more soon.
Hello and Welcome to Yahoo Elite Booting. We just now opened so we will be geting more up soon. ;)